I'm not the biggest fan of the original Vanagon decals.

The fuel decal is now out-dated as 'leaded' vs 'unleaded' is less the concern. Octane level is now the issue as newer, or high-performance engines require 91 octane minimum. The fuel decals can be oriented vertically or horizontally, as the icon is separate from the wording.

1 3/16” H  x  3 9/16” L for horizontal orientation, 3 9/16” H  x  1 3/16” L for vertical orientation.

Buy yours here. Available also at GoWesty.

For the Hook-Ups, The Water Tank and City Water designs seem too similar and overly complicated. So, I decided I would do my versions. Additionally, many people add other functionality: On-Board Air, Solar Charging, or 12V Power. There are no decals for those.

Here are my versions of all them.

Hook-up decals available exclusively online at GoWesty.