Van tech Graphics

Improving upon stock van decals, creating new ones based on contemporary needs, or simply being inspired to make a fun variation; Tech graphics are another way to bring a contemporary flavor to an '80s van.

PNW & NorCAL, SoCAL: Vanagon Syncros have their 4WD door logo, you can even have a 2WD version. I wanted to take that denotation and apply it to the Westcoast regions: Pacific Northwest and California. You can buy them, here.

WESTCOAST: Bringing an alternative to the traditional. Representing a broad swath of land that has a rich affiliation with all things 'vanlife', the 'WESTCOAST' decal is inspired by the 'WESTFALIA' poptop badge.You can buy them, here


Hook-Up Decals: Simple, recognizable designs was the intent to update the originals. Additionally, many people add other functionality: On-Board Air, Solar Charging, or 12V Power. There are no decals for those. You can buy them, here. Additionally, I designed a companion decal for Go-Shower that adds Water-Out/Shower functionality to a hook-up box. Check them out, here.

Fuel Decals: The stock fuel decal is out-dated as 'leaded' vs 'unleaded' is not the concern. Octane level is now the issue as newer, or high-performance engines require 91 octane minimum. The fuel decals can be oriented vertically or horizontally, as the icon is separate from the wording. You can buy them, here.

Engine Decals: GoWesty offers four versions of the stock VW Vanagon engine. I have one and wanted a badge, so I designed them. You can buy them from GoWesty, here.