My Van

I've had my van since 2010. In that time I have done considerable work to it, both off-the-shelf components as well as one-off custom, self-designed work.

As it was when I bought it.



Solar panel system installation. 2 x 100W panels (expandable to 4 x 100W panels). Custom frame built by VanagonLife. All components located in rear Westy wardrobe. ProMariner battery charger connected to shore power hook-up.



Repaint and bodywork at Los Panchos, Tijuana, Mexico, Jan-Feb 2017



Rally Armor mudflaps

Engine failure and swap to GW 2.45, August-Sept 2017



VanagonLife VOWs (Vanagon Overland Windows). Driver side: Maxtraxx and Hi-Lift jack. Passenger side: Shovel and axe.

T3 Technique 'Projektzwo Style Fog Lamps' & Foglight switch installation