Logo designs

I have designed many logos for various van-personalities and companies: VanagonLife, Live the Van Life, Vanlife Vans, Peace Vans Rentals, Venture Libre, NRWSTR.

VanagonLife: Taking cues from a classic BMW illustration, all key variants of Vanagons were to be represent and punctuated with bold, clean wording.

Peacevans Rentals: Peacevans already had a van logo they wanted to use as the inspiration. This time it was to be depicted in an inviting camping scenario.

Vanlife Vans: Vanagons and Sprinters were to be the focus. Drawn in a schematic way for a 'construction' feel.

Live the Van Life: Inspired by the 'Boxer' engine in VWs and Subarus. Something technical, but also a vintage flavor.

Venture Libre: An arrow motif combined with a mountain range for and adventurous, forward-looking flavor.

NRWSTR: License plate inspiration, combined with a stylized chrome look, evocative of the early '80s.

Additionally, I have designed logos for non-van related entities: Groff Outdoor Consulting, Good Turn and Bipedesign.

Groff Outdoor Consulting: A clean initialism depiction, with a 'soft-modern' font flavor.

Good Turn: A strong patriotic flavor with a baseball theme for an Eagle Scout project.

Bipedesign: My own Footwear and Hardgoods consultancy. A portmanteau of 'Biped' and 'Design'. Color is the separating and combining agent.